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Channel Lab is an Augmented Reality studio, designing, building and implementing cutting edge AR apps, experiences & advertising campaigns.

What we do

We’re a multi-disciplinary collaborative that believes in the power of Augmented Reality, place-based experiences and storytelling to immerse and engage with people.

We create meaningful mobile experiences that look great, define customer journeys and connect with your audience; keeping people loyal to your product and brand.

Whether you’re looking for a stunning Augmented Reality App or experience, an AR marketing or advertising campaign, or you’re simply curious about the potential of AR for your brand or story, let’s talk.

AR Apps & Experiences

We enable brands and product owners to transform images, objects, and locations into interactive and immersive digital experiences by putting unforgettable Augmented Reality experiences at your customers fingertips – straight onto their mobile devices.

Web-Based AR

We create, collaborate and publish compelling interactive augmented reality content directly to the web – meaning your customers don’t need to download specialised apps. These experiences can be activated through direct linking from channels like social media, email and website, meaning that the entire AR campaign is delivered digitally.

Hologram Messaging

We provide the platform that enables you to create, manage and distribute human holograms instantly to millions of devices. Supercharging engagement rates for your customers and audiences by over 650% against traditional messaging..

Mobile Apps & Websites

We design and develop impactful mobile apps and responsive websites using elegant design, engaging experience, and robust secure code – with the goal to connect with your customers and help your business grow.


Augmented Reality amplifies the world around us with layers of creativity, information and shared experiences. 

It’s an enormously powerful engagement tool, helping business tap into a new generation of hyperconnected, mobile first consumers with more immersive and influential experiences.

Our Apps and Experiences focus on interacting and connecting with your audience; transforming brand engagement from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

About us



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Grant is an experienced producer of Augmented Reality, Mobile Apps, emerging technologies and digital content. Initially a television producer, for the last 25 years he’s been delivering interactive digital projects for clients such as Nissan, NZ Lotteries Commission, Harcourts, Gardena and Australian State Government.


Creative Director

Greg has had an extensive career over 20 years as Art/Creative Director in results driven advertising and marketing one-to-one driven communications. During this time he has delivered award winning campaigns for clients including Sony Playstation, Firth Industries, Arnotts, Fuji Xerox, BMW, PlaceMakers and Heineken.

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