Welcome to 2mee
The world’s first instant human hologram messaging platform

You can now create, manage and distribute Holograms instantly to millions of devices. Supercharging engagement rates for your customers and audiences by over 650% against traditional messaging.

making every message count

The world is overwhelmed by digital messaging. 90% of these messages fail to engage with their target audience because they don’t stand out from the noise.

2mee’s Instant Human Hologram Messaging is one of the most effective communication tools when you need your message to be heard.

The platform enables you to instantly create and send yourself as the message. No distractions. Just pure engagement and attention to the message – whatever your sector.

Real Estate


Marketing & Communications


Health & Wellbeing

Financial Services

Media & Entertainment

Results that are off the scale
2000% more engagement

In trials, 2mee’s Instant Human Hologram Messaging gave between 650 and 2000%
greater engagement. 

There’s a lot of psychology behind how 2mee Human Hologram Messaging works but, put simply, it’s because of something called ‘emotional intelligence’. It’s when we see another human face in a familiar setting we feel comfortable with – like on our phone or website.

Because people buy people.

2mee is instant.
On your phone, no green screens, no studios, no hold ups

2mee’s Instant Human Hologram Messaging patented software does everything a volumetric studio can do. And it does it on your phone.

You simply record the person delivering the message in any setting. 2mee recognises the face and removes all the surrounding clutter focussing your audience on the person and the message.

Instantly. On your phone. You just record and send.

2mee is totally agnostic
web or app
mobile, desktop or tablet
android or apple
no problem

Push and pull messaging
With more push and pull

Behind the scenes lives a marketers dream. A super powerful and intuitive cloud platform thats got intelligent scheduling, omni-channel reach and robust analytics that give you access to more useful data, and more effective sales.

And don’t worry about deployment. You can install 2mee’s SDK onto your app or website in a jiffy.

Make every message count
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